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Iron Castle is a voice recognition audio adventure app. It allows you on your own or with your adventure companions to experience amazing interactive stories. Each story is narrated by a voice actor who, after describing the situation in which your character is evolving, prompts you to decide on their next action until, one thing leading to another, your journey leads you to one of the possible conclusions. It’s not about “winning” or “losing” but about embodying all kinds of heroes evolving in a myriad of universes as different as they are exciting.

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Our app offers easy, direct access to all our stories. Manage your library, download your favorite stories, and pick up your adventures where you left off!

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The Raid


The village of Port-Severe is assailed on the day of a magic tournament. Will you be able to fight off the raiders and their leader?

Shadows in the Blizzard


How can you expect to learn magic when great danger lies in the North?
Unmask the traitors and destroy the threat!

Deep Waters


Watson joins Holmes in the village of Waters End, determined to uncover the dark secrets that lurk there.

The Eye in the Tomb


The Scarred One, an old warrior with a past only known to her, takes up arms again in a final adventure set in the world of Conan the Barbarian.

In the Master’s claws


Confined in the far reaches of the world, all alone and amnesic, will you be brave enough to face the Master and his abominations from Elsewhere?

Quest of the Wax Dragon


The Great Magus has a fantastic gift for you, but you need to unearth it. So go and see where the wind takes you!

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